Thank you for your interest in purchasing the Sense of Matters personal writing tool.

This product will enable each individual to take care of your present and future. With proper planning for the unknown that lies ahead, each individual will be able to arrange their "important information", so that it is a gift and not a burden for when tomorrow comes.

Tomorrow is here, purchase a copy of Sense of Matters so that you can begin to write your truths today!

The Sense of Matters system comes in two forms:

1)   Hardcopy, which includes over 45 beautifully colored pages on professional paper stock This system includes bonus page protectors and pocket folders for photos, articles etc.

2)   A downloadable PDF version, in which, an individual may print their own copy.


It's one thing to tell others, it's another to write it down, do both! I'm using this smart tool to write my truths!

--- Diana Wilson

I always wanted to gather my important information together. I didn't know where to begin. I do now! A Big Thanks to Sense of Matters!

- Claudia Beasley


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