The Sense of Matter system consist of:

  8”x11 ½” pages complete with spacious lines for handwriting
  3 hole punched pages for easy fit into standard size 1” (or larger) binder
  Professionally printed on high quality paper
  Complete with pockets for photos and digital devices (CD, DVD, flash drive)
  Additional blank line pages for information expansion
  Tips for getting started, drafting preferences, adding additional matters

Additional services:

  Assist with documenting preferences
  Assist with getting documents completed (or larger) binder
  Provide instructions on getting started, gathering documents researching family archives
  Assist with writing, editing and proofing your final story
  Notary Public services available

Past Present Future

The sense of life matters is that we must take care of the present and the future. When tomorrow comes, each person must ensure that their life matters are in order. Get prepared.

Write Your Own Story

Look to the future and get prepared by arranging your important life matters into an easy grab & go binders. Foresee what lies ahead and package it as a gift
for today and tomorrow.

Lenora Casmore

It's your life story! Who knows it better than you? Start today writing your own story.
It will be my pleasure today TO help YOU WRITE YOUR TRUTHS!

Sense of Matters

"If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead, either write something worth reading or do something worth writing." -- Benjamin Franklin, Inventor


Let us take you to great heights. View Sense of Matters today. Take the Tour! Write your truth today!

Happy Clients


I'm very proud to be a part of this effort from it's inception to production.

- Sharon Deberry

I have not seen any other product like it on the market. This is for my family.

- Anonymous


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