Every Life Story is Unique and Stands Alone!

Everyone has a life that matters.
Handle your life business with sense. Write your truth today!

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Sense Of Matters is a personal life story tool designed to comfortably assist each person with telling their individual story. This tool will enable everyone to add, delete, edit and update their life through seasons in word, events and thoughts. This valuable aid will allow everyone to take care of their parents and their future by providing vital information needed for when tomorrow comes.

Past Present Future

The sense of life matters is that we must take care of the present and the future. When tomorrow comes, each person must ensure that their life matters are in order. Get prepared.

Write Your Own Story

Look towards the future. Prepare by arranging your important life matters into an easy to locate binder. Foresee what lies ahead and package it as a gift
for today and tomorrow.

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Isn't it your life story?   Who knows it better than you?   Start today writing your life history so that your life story is a gift and not a burden for your family.
Let me help you write your truths!

Sense of Matters

"If you're going to live, leave a legacy.
Make a mark on the world that can't be erased"
-- Maya Angelou


Let us take you to great heights. View Sense of Matters today.
Take the Tour! Write your truth today!

The Sense of Matters, personal story tool is organized into three sections:
Front Matters, Body Matters and End Matters.

Front Matters (Opening Chapters)

My Information
My Family Info
My Favorite Things
My Photos

Body Matters (Variety of Life Chapters)

My Medical Info
My Insurance Info
My Financial Info
My Important Document Locations
My Important Legal Documents

End Matters (Final Chapter)

My Closing Preferences
My Life Summary
My Notification List
My Digital Media

Happy Clients


This tool has NAILED IT! I found it easy to provide my family with important details of my life.

- Dorothy Gillenwater

This is a MUST HAVE writing tool to ensure a CLEAN legacy. My family will appreciate this.

- Abraham Lyles

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